ESP8266 outputs gibresh and wont work

Hi i just got my esp8266 01 so i tried to connect to with my arduino but no matter what i just go gibresh or gibresh with ERROR and ready somtimes but it wont stop spamming my serail port or just wont do anything. and i tried using it with just GND VCC and TX RX and also with the other pins connected to the VCC as well

i dont know whats wrong with it it happens on all 3 moudles i got

im on 115200 baud rate with an arduino mega (had a problem with my ttl)

please help!

ESP's even the same type can come with a variety of baud rates pre set.

I now burn all mine with a stock floating point the minute I get them that way I know they are on the correct baud rates to match anything else I make.

Best guess is that it is going to be a baud rate issue so maybe try working your way through the different rates.

BTW its not uncomon for them to spit out a small amount of gibberish to start with anyway as that is like the BIOS of a computer except its usually an odd rate until your sketch kicks in at which time it will use what you told it to.

so wait whats the right way to connect them to the pc? wich pins should I connect and how?

i see 7 pins 8 pins and 4 pins idk what to do and should i use ttl with the arduino or just use my arduino mega on RX TX 0 (which is the same no?)?

There are hundreds of tutorials on the internet on how to connect to a PC via either an Arduino or a TTL type adaptor.

The choice is yours and google is your friend.

The ESP01 only has 8 pins so I have no idea what other pins you are talking about ?

Maybe include some decent pictures or schematics of what you have connected etc as my crystal ball only reaches as far as my eyes can see and right now I cannot see what you have from here.

Don't forget that TX goes to RX and vice versa regardless of what you use. And ensure you only supply it with 3.3 V or you will pop them like here is no tomorrow. Lots of people don't realise that the small difference between 5V and 3.3V is often enough to fry delicate electronics.

Nono my esp01 has 8 pins i ment that there are tutorials of diffrent number pins that are being connected

now i tried it again with the ttl

rx - tx tx -rx vcc - 3.3v gnd - gnd rst - 3.3v ch-pd - 3.3v/gnd

im trying almost every tutorial on the net

or i get gibresh or gibresh with lots of ERROR that are written clearly on the terminal

OK so what are you actually using to program the ESP ?

I only use a TTL adaptor myself and dont forget that GPIO is only connected to ground during programming. Once you have programmed it power it down and remove that connection before re-apply the power. Also I generally don't connect the RST either but leave it floating to prevent it doing resets during programming.

Here is a link that I have used personally with good results.

Are you trying to use it as a standalone device ? There are differences between using it as a sole device and using it with an Arduino as part of an arduino.

Would recommend getting the hang of using it solo first with simple blink programs and access points etc.

It could well be that all you are seeing is the initial boot sequence of the ESP because you have reset tied to 3.3V (high) and trying to read that is a waste of time for now.