Esp8266 problems

Hello everyone,

For a few days, I was working in one of my projects, I wanted to send data from Arduino mega to my databases such as firebase or localhost, I have esp8266 and NodeMCU and Arduino Mega and have surfed a lot of websites and tried a lot of codes but it didn't work examples send data from DHT11 temp etc . I request that if anyone who has worked in the esp8266 or NodeMCU, can help me out from sending the data from Arduino to the database.

Thank You

You should never post your email address on a forum.

If you want help via email, click "report to moderator" under your post and ask the moderators to move it to the "gigs and collaborations" forum section. Also update your post and mention how much you are willing to pay for this help.

you can send data between microcontrollers with RF devices.
there are lots of options.

you can send data between two ESP8266 devices with either a WiFi or ESP-NOW