ESP8266 publishes 4 MQTT topics but not 5

I have programmed my ESP 8266 to publish the state of two items, a fan and a louver. It also uses two sensors to measure indoor and outdoor humidity. If I try to publish all 6 as topics, I am limited to four. Is there a built in limitation? Here is the relevant code snippets. If I switch the sequence of the client.publish items, the items that do not get published change, but always only 4 are published (to and to a Raspberry Pi subscriber).

char fan1_state_topic;                    // defines topic as char type
char louver_state_topic;                  // defines topic as char type
char indoor_temp_topic;                   //  defines topic as char type
char indoor_humidity_topic;               //  defines topic as char type
char outside_temp_topic;
char outside_humidity_topic;
// The following reads the state of Fan1Status and LouverStatus and publishes it over MQTT
  if (Fan1Status == 0)
        client.publish("fan1_state_topic", "OFF");
        delay (100);
  if (Fan1Status == 1)
        client.publish("fan1_state_topic", "ON");
        delay (100);

  if (LouverStatus == 0)
        client.publish("louver_state_topic", "OFF");
        delay (100);
  if (LouverStatus == 1)
        client.publish("louver_state_topic", "ON");
        delay (100);

  char OutTemp [2];                              
  dtostrf (OutdoorTemp,2,0,OutTemp);                
  char OutHumidity [2];                          
  dtostrf (OutdoorHumidity,2,0,OutHumidity); 
  char IndoorTemp [2];                              //  defines IndoorTemp as character type
  dtostrf (PoolIndoorTemp,2,0,IndoorTemp);          //  This converts digital to string
  char IndoorHumidity [2];                          //  Defines IndoorHumidity as character type
  dtostrf (PoolIndoorHumidity,2,0,IndoorHumidity);  //  This converts digital to string 
  client.publish("indoor_temp_topic", IndoorTemp);
  client.publish("indoor_humidity_topic", IndoorHumidity);
  client.publish("outside_temp_topic", OutTemp);
  client.publish("outside_humidity_topic", OutHumidity);
  delay(10000);                      // The delay between the repeat of everything below void loop()

There must be something wrong with your code as I publish 6+ topics without problems on an Wemos D1 Mini and projects like Tasmota publish a lot more than that.