esp8266 question

Hello All, I am wanting to build my own robot starting witht he head. I see there are a few online which I could copy but I want to try for myself so I can learn as I go ( Not expecting it to be an easy job)
Have a couple of questions if someone can heplp....

  1. Can I have 2 servos ( or more) connected so that when I write the code the value of servo one reached a set value it can trigger another servo do act to another set value
    Eg: Servo 1 : value 60(set value)
    Servo 2 : Value can increase by a set value
    Meaing if S1 increases from 60 the 65 then S2 can increase by a set value also. Hope that makes sence

  2. Can 2 ESP8266 with wifi connect to each other so if 1 ESP hits a set trigger point then it send signal to ESP 2 the start another action
    EG; ESP 1 is set to turn a light on and then connects with ESP 2 to respond by turning on another light.
    ( yes i know this can be done from 1 arduino or ESP but for my project I want more options )

Hope this kind of makes sence :slight_smile:

Servos and microcontrollers don't do anything by themselves. They only do what the code you write commands them to do. Both of the things you describe seem perfectly possible if you just write the code to do them.

E.g. servos are "connected" by the microcontroller that is driving them and the code in it. You can write a value to servo1 then write another value to servo2 based on what you wrote to the first servo. But you have to do it.

The same with the ESP8266s. Two of them can communicate and therefore can tell one another what each should be doing and when. But again you will need to write the code that does that.


Thankyou, thats all I need to know. The nest steps I can research myself. Again thankyou for your help :slight_smile: