ESP8266 reads ATT7053BU


Trying read data drom ATT7053BU by standatd library. But have nothing.
From digital analizer i see that sck signal is interrupted, but need continuous according data sheet . Program is simple

  digitalWrite(CS, LOW);
  val1 = SPI.transfer(0);
  val2 = SPI.transfer(0);
  val3 = SPI.transfer(0);

Question, how to solve that it was no interruption in the sck?

ATT7053BU.pdf (543 KB)

Why do you think that the interruption in the SPI clock between bytes is a problem? It is normal for microcontrollers to have a pause between bytes, and it's not unusually long or anything. Is there somewhere in the datasheet that says so?

In the absence of some specific warning about that in the datasheet, I would not suspect that to be the cause of any problem.

I think so, because in the dataheet is example of time diagram where sck is not interrupted and i have no answer from the chip att7053BU