ESP8266 Sending and Receiving from MySQL (via PHP)

Hello everybody,

i got an ESP8266 which measures temperature and humidity by a DHT22-Sensor.
A PHP-Script is used to send the data to an MySQL-Server on a RaspberryPi.
The measured data is transfered to the php-script by using parameters in the URL.


This works fine for me!

But now i want to display the average of measured values from the database.

I already got an php-script which contacts the MySQL with an "SELECT" an gives me the average temperatur and hunmdity.

My problem is, to transfer this values to the ESP8266, so the ESP8266 can store them in a variable an display them.

I hope that there is a simple solution for my problem.
Thank you very much.


Save those values to a file and read that file?

I'm sure there are far more simpler methods.