ESP8266 Serial WIFI Wireless TransceiveR Module Send Receive LWIP AP+STA Arduino

how easy is it to get his board operating ?its cheap so no great loss if it dont work

Check this out, looks pretty simple. Also, here is more info.

I got 5 of them last week. Once you get the nack of it :grin:It is pretty straight forward.

Has anyone got a simple example of say sending a command to turn a LED on/off as a starting point?

Further to my request for a simpler example, I found the following link:


here is another example driving a led from a smartphone

does anybody know whether i can get the signal strength of the surrounding SSIDs? like here: looks to me like i can list the access points, but can i get the signal strength as well?

I'm trying to use the esp8266 to use a android app to turn an LED light on and off using arduino much like the guy in the video. Anyone have any luck with this simple project. The goal is to ramp this up to control relays for blinds and all the lights in my house.

Hi, I've created ESP8266 EasyIoT Arduino library to simply control Arduino WiFi sensors. ESP8266 EasyIoT library is available on GitHub.

This it tutorial how to build ESP8266 temperature humidity sensor.

In this tutorial is explained how to build ESP8266 WiFi relay switch.

Wow, that's nice work on your site! The low power hack for sensors was quite impressive. Keep up the great work, and Thank YOU!


Arduino Demo Code Modified: Debugging-Operation

This code is a modified version of the original Demo code at

Code allows to use it at debugging and Operation enviroments.

ESP8266_Flex1.ino (2.86 KB)

Wow, that’s nice work on your site! The low power hack for sensors was quite impressive. Keep up the great work, and Thank YOU!


Thank you. I’ve added new tutorial for ESP8266 water leak sensor.

Added two new ESP8266 tutorials:

ESP8266 air pressure and weather forecast sensor

ESP8266 real time clock example

Added ESP8266 LED dimmer tutorial.

Hi, I am swetha. I just bought the ESP8266 wifi module for a small project. I have to transfer data from the chip to other device like mobile,computer etc. I have no base knowledge regarding this. So please help me in establishing communication.

try this link to find wifi strength of network

Check this link to find the si

I simply want to serial to wifi to wifi to serial, for wireless data communication in between two esp8266 module, serial-wifi-wifi-serial using esp8266 with Arduino. please help me