ESP8266 Server Issues

Hi, I have got one of these awesome new ESP8266 modules and want to set up a web server. I have managed to flash the firmware to make it communicate with the arduino at 9600 baud so it gets reliable operation. I have got the basic AT commands working, and it is resetting, connecting to a network and starting server mode OK. However when I try and connect to the server from another device it doesn't get a webpage, and the request times out. The arduino is recognising the GET request, and is printing a proper webpage over the Serial link (for debugging) so I can't work out why it isn't being picked up by the device. Does anyone have any ideas, or know of a way that I can see all information sent back to the device after a GET request without using a browser so I can try to see what information is getting through and what isn't? Code to follow. Thanks.

The simple way to see what’s send back is to telnet (use putty) to the and and type the ‘GET / HTTP/1.1’


esp8266 is awesome - but a bit buggy imho. I hope new firmware will get better

what version are you running? AT+GMR\r\n 0018000902-AI03 (mine came with this version - which seems pretty recent)

I wrote a sketch that passes commands on to the esp8266, and shows the control characters for extra clarity. I am trying to make it a framework to hook all sorts of functionality unto.

I have a simple webserver working, just trying to make it more robust. So far I have noticed the esp8266 dislikes multiple connection, it often restarts. The sketch notices the restart, and restarts the server.

it is a work in progress, but maybe it will give you new ideas. more info on this thread: