ESP8266 Smart Home with Android and openHAB


we have just ported Souliss on ESP8266, see below the screenshot of the Android application SoulissApp.

Here a sample sketch to run togheter with the Souliss library, I strongly suggest to download the whole IDE that contains the Arduino cores for ESP8266 that we have tested from this link.

   Souliss - Hello World for Expressif ESP8266  
   This is the basic example, create a software push-button on Android  
   using SoulissApp (get it from Play Store).   
   Load this code on ESP8266 board using the porting of the Arduino core  
   for this platform.  
 // Configure the framework  
 #include "bconf/MCU_ESP8266.h"       // Load the code directly on the ESP8266  
 #include "conf/Gateway.h"          // The main node is the Gateway, we have just one node  
 #include "conf/DynamicAddressing.h"     // Use dynamic addressing  
 #include "conf/DisableEEPROM.h"  
 // Define the WiFi name and password  
 #define WiFi_SSID        "mywifi"  
 #define WiFi_Password      "mypassword"    
 // Include framework code and libraries  
 #include <ESP8266WiFi.h>  
 #include "Souliss.h"  
 // This identify the number of the LED logic  
 #define MYLEDLOGIC     0          
 void setup()  
   // Connect to the WiFi network and get an address from DHCP  
   SetAsGateway(myvNet_esp8266);    // Set this node as gateway for SoulissApp   
   // This node will serve all the others in the network providing an address  
   Set_SimpleLight(MYLEDLOGIC);    // Define a simple LED light logic  
   pinMode(5, OUTPUT);         // Use pin 5 as output   
 void loop()  
   // Here we start to play  
   EXECUTEFAST() {             
     FAST_50ms() {  // We process the logic and relevant input and output every 50 milliseconds  
       DigOut(5, Souliss_T1n_Coil,MYLEDLOGIC);  
     // Here we handle here the communication with Android  

This tiny sketch handle the communication with SoulissApp and control a relay (we have tested on Olimex ESP8266-EVB) on GPIO5.

Is just the simplest example, you can mix multiple ESP and control them from a central point, either SoulissApp or openHAB and have a network that contains also Arduino based on ATmega AVR that use 2.4 GHz radio like nRF24L01 and RFM69 or RS485 communication.

Have a try, and share your ideas!

Here a video, Smarthome with ESP8266, Souliss now supported on Arduino ESP8266 - YouTube