Esp8266 + Temp sensor + relay + LCD + battery OR feed of mains

I guess topic tells most. I want to build a board with

  • ESP8266 (preferred Wemos D1)
  • T sensor
  • LCD (shield?)
  • 2 buttons (UP/Down)
  • Battery feed or more preferred: feed of mains (so an 220v AC--> 5v (or 3.3.?v) DC step down converter)
  • 220V relay (shield ?)

I don't mind soldering a bit but preferably I click a couple of shields into one board. Problem is: what to get. I've been scouring over banggood and aliiexpress and there are a LOT of shields and modules and I don't even know whether the above configuration can be attached to the ESP (most likely it will, IRC 6 pins for LCD, 2 for the buttons, one ADC for sensor).

Bottom line I'm overwhelmed by choices and underteached in compatibility, hence I'm looking for advice.

EDIT: to give this topic a bit of focus, here some components I'm thinking off:
(is there a way to wrap hyperlinks on this arduino forum? I can't find any way)


OLED Shield:


Relay Shield:

Dual Base Shield:

Step down convertor

Again, I'm quite clueless whether this is all compatible with eachother and whether these are the best choices.

Thank you!