ESP8266 to google wifi router connection isn't working

does anyone know about a problem connecting ESP8266 to google wifi router? It doesn't connect no matter what i do. when I use tp-link router instead - the connection works fine.

by "connecting" i mean - it is programmed to connect to the routers SSID with the password. each router is using a different SSID (and i program each module to the correct ssid/password)

They can both operate at 2.4ghz so i can't see what's the cause.

google wifi:


the distance to the google wifi router point is about 1m, so it isn't the problem

Guessing here... it may be WPA2-PSK, do you have any option to change that on the Google WiFi ?


not in google wifi...

i was trying to search for some info about this but couldn't find a final conclusion whether this module cannot connect to WPA2-PSK access point.

will keep looking.


Hi There,

I was planning to guy a Google WiFI setup for my house. I have a lot of ESP8266 relays around my house. Will I be able to connect them via Google WiFI? Did you resolve the issue you mentioned?

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


Hi. No - i wasn't able to resolve it - i eventually used another router which DID work.

Thank you.