ESP8266 vs CC3000 - WIFI

I'm thinking on using the ESP8266 wifi module with arduino nano because of its really low price (+/- 3USD), but I think it's strange because the CC3000 wifi module costs around 30USD.
The price difference is huge.
Is the ESP8266 a really bad module? I can't find a lot of arduino forums talking about this module... its a little strange..

any opinions?


IMHO its a great little module. The biggest issue seems to be lack of documentation. Plus the fact that the learning curve can be "strenuous" for newbies like me who's knowledge is based onolder technology. But information is comming fast thanks to forums like this one. Scour the web and you'll find lots of information. Just as a startup tip; know there are multiple versions of the module, and they don't all have the same characteristics as far as pinout goes.

I can’t find a lot of arduino forums talking about this module… its a little strange…

Let me make a guess:
Chinese is neither your first nor your second language and “Google translate” is not optimized in translating technical discussions?

The ESP8266 is on the market for only a relatively short time.
And its SDK documents are in Chinese, other than the documents for the CC3000. So it’s easy to guess which language you’d have to know at best to take part in discussions about that module. I’d say: It’s NOT English.

So perhaps you’d have to wait some time, until somebody has translated all the documentation available into English. At least two projects are working on it. One of it is this and the other that.

So if more and more stuff becomes available in English, also there will be more discussions in English, perhaps.