ESP8266 web server controlling mecanum wheels

I am looking for advice on making a web server to control mecanum wheels. I am using an Arduino Mega with an LCD display, esp8266 WiFi module, and and two L298n motor controllers. The hope is to be able to use a joystick to control the mecanum wheels through the motor controllers, but I haven’t used java or html before and don’t know how to make a joystick or receive joystick values on the central Arduino. Once the values have been received on the Arduino, I intend to run if loops. The main concern with this project is how quickly I can update the web server to receive values and if the idea is at all feasible. I have attached my current code below, thanks in advance for the help!

arduino_upload.ino (3.04 KB)

I don't think involving web server in your robotics project is a good idea. Web servers are good in such embedded projects where you need to place some sensors' data for users to view.

But in your project you want to live control the wheels, but with server there's a time delay of around 2 to 3 seconds at least. Your robot could crash before it gets the command to stop.