ESP8266 wifi shield connecting to UNO

I have read many articles on the above topic but non gives a clear step by step explanation how to get this going. so please refrain from advising me to HOW TO USE THIS FORUM.

  1. Can the Shield just sit on UNO and the TX to RX and RX to TX connected correctly will do?

  2. I have all the libraries and boards as per earlier instructions - .json, NODE MCU etc all done.

  3. Please explain from this point onwards what EXACTLY I should be doing STEP BY STEP. what sketch should be uploaded to ESP and what sketch should be uploaded to UNO. Are there actually separate uploads to UNO and ESP and the correct settings on the ESP (?). Pics would explain better than text on connections.

  4. errors I get when I try to upload WiFItest or any wifi sketch are - the usual 1 -10 times attempt and also error: espcomm_upload_mem failed

I managed to get ethernet server/client going without any hazzle. but this has not being hospitable.


  1. Can the Shield just sit on UNO and the TX to RX and RX to TX connected correctly will do?

I don't suppose there is any point in asking what "the shield" is but, if it is a shield and therefore specifically made to do so, then yes.

One small point of advice on how to use the forum is that you might be a little bit more specific conderning what you are talking about.


aren't my step by step questions specific enough for you?

yes to clarify buddy, its logical and physical connection I was
talking about! the right way to connect the shield and microcontroller.

there is always someone here who comes up with all kinds
of irrelevant responses!. if you unable to understand and respond to a query pl. keep off!.
don't even bother to respond - its better that way.

few pundits here always do this. I have seen so many obnoxious responses
which demonstrate nothing but unprofessional attitude. so the person at the receiving end
will undoubtedly react, instead of taking the flak!

Which damn shield?

Most WiFi or Ethernet shields connect by SPI. If we give you advice for one of those we might be wasting your time.