Esp8266 Wifi Shield v1.0 (by makerfabs)

Hi everyone.

So i’m working with arduino along with this shield(i attached picture).

Is there anyone who used this and can tell me for sstart where to look some documentationsr or some projets cause I can’t find anything good, it sounds strange but really I can’t. There are some examples but it’s not for shield I have.

Please help and thanks.

The shield is just a convenient way of connecting an ESP8266 module to a big-board Arduino.
The TX and RX pins of the ESP can be connected to a range of pins (D0-D7) of the Arduino with a jumper.
Nothing else though (no pins of the ESP accessible), so only use is the WiFi part.
More documentation here.

Hi Leo thank you for your answer but i dind’t find anything useful on that page.

So can you explain me how to work with this shield P L E A S E.

When I want to upload code on arduino i just do it as always right?? But what do i do when i want to upload code on the shield, do I choose esp8266 board in Arduino IDE and do I connect 0 and 1 pin with rx and tx or what I can’t find these starting instructions on page you gave me.

Just use SoftwareSerial on any of those pins, and set the two jumpers to those pins. Then you can use AT commands to talk to the ESP with SoftwareSerial. Study the SoftwareSerial example in the IDE.

Never done this. Always use a stand-alone board (WeMosD1 mini) or bare module (ESP12). So I will leave AT commands to others. Leo..