ESP8266 WIFI using Socket connection with 2 serial ports in use

I have a question on the ESP8266. I am looking at doing a project that uses 2 serial ports

1 serial port using software serial on GPI00 AND GPI02 for a barcode scanner using only receive data.
1 serial port connected to a printer using CPI03/GPI01 which will TX and RX.

I also need the ability for a connection via tcp/ip socket to TX/RX data over the network that will write to a SD Card on the ESP8266.

Can the ESP8266 handle this, or does is WIFI socket connection going to use either of the GPI03/GPI01/GPI00/GPI02 pins I am currently using?

My SD Card is connected to GPI014, GPI012, GPI013, and GPI015.

What model of ESP are you talking about?

From what I understand..

ESP has hardware serial..

and needs a special library for software serial.

I'm not 100% on the I/O PIN#.. but normally the hardware serial pins (like on an Arduino) are:


and you can any other pins for software serial as you declare/define them..

You can set up more than 1 software serial connection using a another set of pins.

GPIO0 and GPIO2 have special purposes during boot-up.

You'll want to make sure your circuit will be able to handle that requirement so that your ESP8266 will boot up properly and run the code in flash.


Do you really need the SD card.
Most ESP modules have several Mb of flash buildin (SPIFFS).