ESP8266 with NANO help.

Using a Atmega328P based NANO.

Only got to play with the ESP8266 for a little bit. Its the "black" version with "AI-Cloud" stamped on it.

I think I had it almost working last night, but with the wrong baud rate as I was getting garbage chars in the serial monitor.

I was using the 3.3v supply from the Nano, but it seems some say to use the 5v supply and regulate it to 3.3v to the ESP.

I've seen quite a few diagrams now for this, with and without regulators, with and without resistors.

Does anyone have a definitive diagram that should be used with the NANO to insure proper stability of the ESP8266?

Also, my networks are locked down to MAC address have to be in my list.

Is there a way to grab the MAC address of the module without being connected to a network? I did not see that as a command to be able to send?

Hi jdredd,

I also use the nano together with an esp8266.

Until yesterday, I used an older version of the esp8266 which worked perfectly. For the esp8266, I am using an external power supply since the arduino can't provide enough power to the esp8266 when only connected to usb. The esp8266 only supports 3,3V, otherwise it can seriously be damaged. I also put a resistor between RX of esp8266 and TX of arduino. This seems to be necessary, because the esp8266 only understands messages transmitted at 3,3V. The arduino instead can deal with 5V or 3,3V on RX pin.

Just today I connected the black esp8266 as well (it has also "AI-Cloud based" written on it). The device itself is working, since I was able to talk to it via putty and I was also able to flash the latest firmware. However, connected to my arduino, the black esp8266 gives me a lot of garbage (alothough I set the correct baudrate).

So, right now I am a bit confused about it.

btw: the esp flash download tool can show you the mac of your esp8266 :)


Ill have to order some regulators, as I only have 5v regulators laying around.

So it seems something is up with making it work with the Arduino with the black esp8266 as I to was getting garbage chars.