ESP8266 WLAN Module Library - ArduEsp8266

Hi everybody out there,

one of my friends wanted to use the ESP8266 wifi module (cheap and available for example via But my friend still is not very good in programming and is not able to handle the AT commands needed to control the ESP8266. So I decided to help by programming a simple library to handle the ESP8266 module. Currently it is under development, but the most important functions are working. Maybe you can help me testing the library with your own projects and give me some ideas what you would request from that library.

You will find that project on github:

Currently the library uses the Serial port of the Arduiono to control the ESP8266 module. Using any GPIO the library can show some debugging messages via SoftwareSerial (connect via USB-Serial Adapter to your computer). One problem I still have is, that the module blocks Arduino IDE from programming the board, because the ESP8266 module response to programing commands send from IDE and the IDE thinks they're comeing from Arduino board. I added a function to use a mosfet as power on switch to enable the ESP8266 modules power only a few seconds after program starts, but that's still not working. Maybe you have any idea about that?

My ESP8266 is still in the bag. This may be the incentive to take it out. Thanks for sharing.

I've just had a quick look in one of your files and I note that you are using Strings (capital S). Don't. They do not work well in the limited memory of an Arduino. Just use strings (small s) which are char arrays terminated with 0.

And comprehensive documentation is at least as important as the code.

And why aren't your examples .ino files ? Especially if this is intended for the less experienced Arduino user.



thank you for your response to my work. You're right, using string insteadt of String is a good idea. I will focus on that. The example files are currently only my test code. They should be real Arduino examples in next release. Maybe than i can create a zipped library.

I would be very careful to connect an ESP8266 to a 5V Arduino. It might work for some time, but the ESP8266 is a 3.3V device, so you need level shifters

FYI You can use it standalone (like other Arduinos) if you add it to the IDE:

Other languages are available

LUA BASIC Python (micropython work in progress) JavaScript (in the works)

Thanks for sharing, looks like a useful library! Here’s a similar project you might find useful as a reference: GitHub - ekstrand/ESP8266wifi: ESP8266 Arduino library with built in reconnect functionality