I want to send signal from first arduino with first esp8266 connect laptop to second arduino with esp8266 To turn on the led
I want how do it and connect the component
I want codes

You want?

You won't get it here.

This isn't the place to demand code and automatically get it.

It is very difficult to connect Arduinos with ESP8266 modules. Much easier to use wire.

I want also to connect an Arduino Uno to a Wifi router via the wifi module ESP8266 over serial in order to integrate the Arduino with a home automation controller using HTTP requests but I could not really find good tutorials to start .

Still looking for ....

In the vast majority of cases, it makes more sense if you wish to interface via WiFi, to forget about the Arduino and just use the ESP8266 instead to perform the computing and interfacing task, as it is far more capable than the UNO.