espeasy OS bugswith soil sensor

Hello amazing people
i was tryna use easy esp OS on my node MCU and what i connected to it is soil sensor …i want it to send data to…Whats the problem then?;;;;it actually sends this data only once and then never ever…just never…even though i dont put it to sleep mode…even i reset it…actually there are tutorials given but i dont find anything relevent to ma problem…could ya please suggest problem to my solution…
thanks already


It would be easier to help you if you wrote in proper sentences with capital letters and sentences where appropriate. Using English words would be an advantage too.

If your code (where is it by the way) is anything like your post then there is no hope for you I am afraid

o am sorry....i expected you to know the context,i was speaking in...
please follow the link

could ya please suggest problem to my solution....

Post your problem, post your code.

it dosent have is an operating system for nodemcu.....thats what am tryin to say.....ya no code at all....since this operating system for esp aint much famous...i cant get any help or tutorials on net....i expected that any one might have tried it before

it actually sends this data only once and then never ever

What is the "it" to which you refer?

nodeMCU....have you followed the link i gave sir

What I'm trying to get at is, how does this nodeMCU 'know' that it is connected to a soil sensor?

This seems to me to be a reasonable question to ask.

ya sure i will answer....there is user interface to this OS,where you can decide which sensor is attached to the board and where it is......this operating system onf esp is quite big topic,it took me a couple of days for me to understand


NodeMCU board not arduino

i expected that any one might have tried it before

me not once i got rid of the firmware i never considered using anything else than Arduino IDE

cool man.....thanks tho