Esplora connection pins

Can someone clarify for me please:

  • The Esplora has no digital and analog pins as we know them in the Uno sense?
  • External expansion is limited to the Tinkerkit plugs?
  • The headers on the top are dedicated for the LCD?
  • I see there is a Tinkerkit servo. I'm sure that's just a normal servo, but is the Tinkerkit servo plug the same as on a normal, "non-Tinkerkit" servo? (ie, can I plug any old servo into the Esplora Tinkerkit socket?)

EDIT: One more thing... my understanding of Tinkerkit connections is that all three wires are to the board- that implies that by default a servo gets not only its control but also its power straight off the board?

Number one - never plug a normal servo into the TinkerKit outputs as the power connections are different.

It is possible to use the "Display Header" and the TinkerKit outputs as "normal UNO" type connections, you just need the pin mappings.

I have them both at - one for the display header (see in December), one for the TinkerKit outputs. I have used both for connections beyond a display and beyond Tinkerkit to connect "normal UNO" type objects.

It can be done. Enjoy, Mike