Esplora Game Released

An Esplora makes a good controller. With an Adafruit 1.8" display, [u]it makes a great self-contained device[/u].

R0D0T published a great game based on his Arduino platform at,119099.0.html - see that post for his blog and Hackaday post which has full details.

This weekend, I took his great work and code and modified it slightly to work on the Esplora+Display combo. I also add a 5 volt battery to make it truly handheld and portable.

You can see it in action and learn to make your own at

My huge thanks to R0D0T for his permission to use the code. I'm really happy to help get some real games and other apps to such a platform. Maybe perhaps we can nudge R0D0T to publish his more complex Snake game?

You can also get the code for the Esplora on Github at And get out there and code some great apps and share them on the forum.

On Make blog: Adafruit blog:

This build and game was posted to Make magazine

Got my tft display today, and gave the Esplora & Games a try: works quite well! thx,

robtillaart: Got my tft display today, and gave the Esplora & Games a try: works quite well! thx

Glad it works for you - enjoy your Esplora+display and if you make something with the combo, post your results here.

Of course,

What gave me trouble were the examples that (should have) worked with processing. I have 2 versions of P. and both complained (1.5 something about rs232 and the other expected 32bit)

I have no concrete plans yet, some ideas that passed my mind include - a 2D level, - a "serial terminal" to monitor the output of some sketch, - oscilloscope/ - weather station (outdoor/indoor)

- remote for my TV

The white & orange connectors, are they just digital in (white) /out (orange)?

One set is in, the other out. You can hook up Arduino Tinkerkit items or better roll your own - my blog shows how to use these. I have used the white ones to connect an xbee :)