esplora joystick (read if you also own one)

A year ago I bought an esplora of a hobby website. Ofcourse it was not a real arduino, but a dark blue chinese clone.

One thing I really disliked about my esplora was that the joystick could move about 2x further than the potentiometers’ range. I already reach maximum values when the stick is halfway.

Now I think that this joystick in particular was ment to be like this. What I am wondering:

Do real arduino esplora joysticks also have this ‘feature’.

I was thinking to solder a new joystick on, but the USB port of my esplora is also not working and I keep programming it with my home made ICSP programmer. So I figured I could also buy a new real one. But if those joysticks also work halfway I am not buying one.

Besides if I buy me a lose atmega chip I can mill my own PCB and 3D print my own controller.