Esplora suddenly wont show up on the com port

I was busy with an arduino esplora, I made a shield for it with the lcd-tft and a BTbee pro module. At first I was working with the Bluetooth module. With AT commands I could succesfully connect/disconnect with 3 bluetooth slave modules. I used the TX1 and RX1 pins for the Bt module, but it turned out one of those pins also acts as the reset pin for the lcd tft so I removed the lcd

On one day all the sudden, the Esplora didnt show up on the com ports anymore, so I couldnt use the Serial monitor. If I would hold the reset button and hit the upload button I could still succesfully upload programs into the esplora because the arduino IDE was still configured for the right COM Port. And the esplora would run the programs.

but now I cannot do anything with it, the last program which could connect to the 3 Bt modules doesnt connect with the any of the 3 BT modules anymore. The RGB led still does what it must do, indicating that the program still runs

Now I cant upload programs nor debug using the serial monitor anymore.

Has anybody seen this problem before, I wonder what the cause would be.

I am yet to try to use my arduino UNO as ISP programmer and use it to upload programs bypassing the bootloader, if that still works I want to try to burn a new bootloader on it but if anybody has other or better suggestions... please

The Esplora I have is a clone version but it does have an atmega32u4. I have seen no bugs untill now

So far this esplora is the only suitable controller I have for my robot car. If I cannot fix it I am going to buy a gaming shield or PS3 controller. But id rather have that esplora of €45,- working again