Esplora won't upload

I got an esplora recently, and after much hassle with drivers, managed to upload some sketches with a windows 7 laptop. Today, I pulled it out, and tried to upload a sketch with a laptop running 64-bit fedora 17 I got this in my verbose output:

avrdude: Send: S [53] 
avrdude: ser_recv(): programmer is not responding
avrdude: butterfly_recv(): programmer is not responding

I also tried again with the windows laptop. Sometimes I got the same error, sometimes arduino couldn't find the Esplora.

I think the Esplora is one of those boards where you have to hold down Reset and let go the moment you start uploading the sketch.

It didn't seem to work. I got the same verbose output.

Sometimes I have to try two or three times with my Leonardo, which has the same chip. You let go of Reset when it says "uploading". Timing can be quite tight.

It still won't work.

Nevermind, it was a faulty cable. It works now.