Espressif Feather Huzzah ESP32+wifi+BT questions

I just discovered this board in a box and was trying to make it work. I did some of the examples and it is really quick.
So, I am trying to substitute it into a project that I inherited that uses a Feather Huzzah ESP8266.
The first 3 or 4 attempts to compile it and I was getting a lot of missing .h files, so I went looking around trying to find them.
I did find them but they are giving me pause. Some of them were.
The files seemed to be located deep under the tree associated with the ESP8266

I did install the preferences .json file for the ESP32 but I am worried that there might be more .h or .cpp files that are needed and that are specific to the ESP32.
Some of the .h files that I found looked to be part of the ESP8266 group of files that came with the installation of the ESP8266 board.
Are the .h files interchangeable or is there a specific set of files I need to install specifically for the ESP32.

It looks like it is a killer board.


If anybody is using this board I have found this useful info. ESP8266WIFI.h is now WiFi.h
I looked 3 times at the spelling and the "F" is a cap
link here in how to install the board.

and Wifi.

ESP32 Wifi

And the pin descriptions.