ESPVGAX2 320x240px 16 colors for ESP8266


i have released the first version of ESPVGAX2 library. It generate a VGA signal with 320x240px or 256x240px with 16 colors!

Have fun!

Sandro !

Thank you very much for this great upgrade to ESPVGAX !

I will start testing it now !

Best regards,


Hi Sandro,

You have done an amazing work with this EspVGAX2. Thank you!

I already built the circuit and started doing the color wiring tests.

Best regards,

Hi Sandro !

Tested ESPVGAX2 today. Firts I had to change PIN Numbers Dx for PIN numbers like this :

D1 for 5
D2 for 4

and so on…

Problem now is that I have a big black margin on right side of the screen and image appears for 1 second and then disappears for 6 or 7…

I think there must be some unsinc somewhere… Timer values ? I have tried to change some values but with no success…

I am using Adafruit Feather HUZZAH ESP8266.

Thanks !