ESR or Oscilloscope

Has anyone created an ESR/Capacitance meter or Oscilloscope with the Arduino?

I've done several searches, and it doesn't seem to return any good results.

Thanks Bob

Hi yes I saw this one, but it doesn't seem to do ESR

Like most the others they give schematics, code and parts list and sometimes in a kit so you can build one. I was just wondered if anyone has done one with Arduino so I could build another to play with.


If you are looking for an oscilloscope kit, I can recommend this one $89, kit build up into a nice 2-channel o'scope that uses your PC to display what it captures. I use mine regularly to see what my poor code is doing to the hardware I have connected.

I saw that one. Just not sure about the 1 Mhz.

Being new to this, looking at all options and with getting back into the electronics repair side of things I stepped out of 20 years ago, I’m told my old 5Mhz Oscilliscope will not work as well with todays circuit boards and have been going through one heck of a lot of a learning curve starting over. I did not know the Arduino wouldn’t go that fast until I was told that here. I only asked because I had one I want to learn how to use and building a kit would be one way to do it. I’ve had mine for close to 6 month’s and have not got past the circ-02 guide. Old want to build is still in it’s pieces with the other party that was going to work with me didn’t have any time either. So all the motors, solinoids etc… purchased for the project are a waste right now just sitting around.

This time I wanted to build all my own equipment but hope that it will be able to advance and be usable.

This link below is what I was trained on (1990) the same year this was printed. Good old MFM hard drives. I still have my 40 meg MFM with controler.

Forgot the one I have been looking at for near the same amount as the one mentioned but adds a little to the works.

But still looking. I like the idea of a stand alone laptop for just repair that way if it blows up, I only have to find another old laptop.

That last seems somewhat limited: -o'scope bandwidth is just 100 KHz per channel, barely adequate for looking at an audio signal.

I enjoyed putting the dpscope together, and with its 20 Megasamples capability I've got more than enough bandwidth. Plus they post the schematic of it, so if you wanted to tweak it some, you could. I had mine modified for a while with some series caps for AC input coupling.

I must have looked at the wrong one. It has three different parts built to it. I like the x-y, and up to 200V input with 1:1 probe.

I’ll have to look at it closer. There is a bunch of them and it really tough trying to choose one you won’t have to replace because it won’t test a circuit board when you get out in the real world.