Essential Input Parts for Arduino

Every time I want to try something new on the Arduino, I end up buying a chip or two for 2 bucks and paying $9 for shipping! Instead I'm thinking it would be cool to create an "essential parts list" for the Arduino. Then, the next time I have to buy some components, I could peruse the list and chuck in some parts that might be cool to have for future projects -- but not have to spend the time to research the part to ensure TTL compatibility (for example).

Of course, everyone could benefit from this list, and I'm sure you all can contribute a LOT more then me. I briefly checked the playground but didn't find any comprehensive list.

I think that a requirement should be that the chips be cheap... definitely less then $5, but around a buck or two would be best, that they are pretty easy to connect to the Arduino, and of course that they be easy to work with (thru hole is best). Another requirement would be that the chip is stocked where ever you are buying your parts...I am going to start with FutureElectronics ( because IMHO they have a good search engine.

So far, these are not chips I've tried -- just stuff I've found and am thinking of buying -- I've not done much more than pop the spec up for each one and verify 5V compatibility. I'm sure there are some mistakes in it.

Please add the sensors you've worked with and how it went!

OpAmps for magnifying sensor output: $1: LMC6482 Series 8 Pins MDIP CMOS Dual In/Output Operational Amplifier $0.17: LM358 Series DIP8 High Gain Low Power Dual Operational amplifier Anyone have experience with these?

Sound input: Microphone anyone? Do I need a special amplifier for it? $2: LM386 Series 8 Pins MDIP Low Voltage Max 15 V Audio Power Amplifier

Magnetism: $.50:GENERAL PURPOSE HALL EFF SW (US1881LUA) $2: MLX Series 3-9 mA 4.5-5.5 V SIP-4 Programmable Linear Hall Effect Sensor (MLX90251LVA-3)

Motion: Accelerometers: Linear: Rotation:

Light: $1: 580 nm 6 V 260 uA Through Hole Cadmium-Free Analog Light Sensor (AMS302) Photoresistor anyone?

Weather: Temperature: $0.50: Vishay NTCL Series 10K Ohm 5 % 3977 Beta Radial NTC Thermistor (2381-640-63103) $0.70: LM335 Series TO-92 Through Hole 3.04 V Precision Temperature Sensor (LM335Z)


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I hope there are a lot of replies! I'm interested in this, even as a source of ideas.

CD4051 for analog multiplexing. This can be used to expand the number of analog inputs.

I tend to use the index of parts on one of the many online sources. Sparkfun is of course a good place to start, but there are many more. The advantage is the large selection, the disadvantage is you have to read thru the datasheets, which you would have to do anyway.

Having said that, can you state the goal a little more clearly? Is this meant to be a list of things that easily work with the Duemilanove? What categories of things? How are the categories selected?

I think at least one rule of the list is it shouldn't be very long. A few items in each category at most. As for categories, I suggest starting with the very broad INPUTS and OUTPUTS, then divide those into smaller pieces, like:

INPUTS sensors signal conditioning protection (ESD, fuses, etc) ?

OUTPUTS buffers/amplifiers high power amplifiers (motor drivers, display drivers) ?

I'm only saying this because I think this list would be very helpful to beginners and tinkerers, and adding just a little structure to it would make it even more helpful.

LED Drivers! Max7221

A darlington array - ULN2003A

Real time clock - DS1307

Would anyone care to weigh in on where the best place is to get a Max 7219 or 7221? I see that I can order them from Maxim directly for around $7 (USD). Is that a good price? I'd like to get one (well, probably many) but I don't know if that's a good price or not.

Also, what is the difference between 7219 and 7221?

Molex (or eq.) connectors - along with the male pins. Having those around makes it easy to prototype boards quickly. Oh - and perf board.

I'm always having to make breakout type boards to connect to stuff so I stocked up on this sort of stuff.

(fwiw - I hate Molex connectors and making cables.... but what are you gonna do ;)

Disclaimer: I haven't used ALL of the following hardware, but have seen these recommended... and they look like they could be really useful: - 9V battery holder - MM5451 provides 35 digital outputs, but no PWM. - TLC5940 for expanding the number of PWM outputs. - RFM12B 915 MHz radio board (about $7)

?RFM12B 915 MHz radio board (about $7)

For that frequency you are probably in the U.S. or Australia.

Where can you buy that RFM12B from?.

Where can you buy that RFM12B from?.

You can purchase the RFM12B from Modern Device. (I am not in any way affiliated with Modern Device.)

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@vixr: - an RTC - e.g. DS1307 - Temperature - DS18B20 onewire. Multiple temp sensors on one line. - potmeters linear & logaritmic to simulate sensors

In the list of must have shields - ethershield - the Adafruit Data logging shield (includes an RTC) - a serial display (or two) - use less pins

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