Establish controls from Master to Slave


I need a little help here.

I have successfully connected HC05 (Master) and HC06 (Slave) through Bluetooth and both using NANO as their board. Now i am trying to establish control from Master over to Slave. I have the following questions and hope someone can enlighten me.

  1. When i tried to use PIN13 (D10) as the output for my LED, it doesn't seems to work and that goes the same for the rest of the pins, LED only lighted up if i use PIN16 (D13). How can i utilize other pins for other functions?

  2. How can i control the LED at Slave (HC-06) from Master (HC-05)?

Note: When a button is pressed at HC-05, both LEDs at Master and Slave should lighted up and both should goes off when the button is release.

Thanks in advance.

The slave has to receive messages from the master, and then do what the messages indicate. It's up to you to specify the messages, send them from the master to the slave, and make both controllers do whatever should be done with every single message.

@Alden_Ng, you need to post your Master and Slave programs so we know what you are talking about.