Establishing a link between the RPLIDAR sensor, Arduino Due, and LED Ring


I am trying to establish the link with the following three components: RPLIDAR A1M8 sensor, Arduino Due, and a 24 pixel LED Ring. This project is similar to the one on the following website.


My goal is to use the code and alter it to account for both distance and angle. So at a given distance using the angle display color (yellow or red).

I am new to Arduino, so I am not sure if my code is incorrect or if I am wiring it up incorrectly. I have attached the code to this post in the hopes I receiving feedback.

As for the wiring, the RPLIDAR operates at 5V, and so does the LED Ring. Arduino Due 3.3. Using a bidirectional level converter and a separate power supply to operate the motor interface for the RPLIDAR. I am getting a decent voltage reading through each channel except for the DI of the LED Ring. Using serial 2 but it seems like the three components are not communicating. So I am stumped lol. Any guidance will go a long way and would be very appreciated. I am just eager to see this come to life. Thank you.

CODE1_Explination.ino (6.89 KB)

CODE2_FOR_LOOP.ino (7.63 KB)