/etc/hosts on Arduino help needed


I am trying to run fetchmail on the Arduino. I am almost there but I am getting the warning/error:

gethostbyname failed for Arduino
Name or service not knownCannot find my own host in hosts database to qualify it!
Trying to continue with unqualified hostname.
DO NOT report broken Received: headers, HELO/EHLO lines or similar problems!
DO repair your /etc/hosts, DNS, NIS or LDAP instead.

I am no linux expert, so I don’t really know what should be in /etc/hosts, currently it contains: localhost

Someone has an idea how I can fix this on the arduino? Just out of interest, how does fetchmail arrive to the name “Arduino”?

BTW I am just guessing I should fix something in /etc/hosts, but maybe that is not the case (the Arduino gets its IP address from DHCP)

I got the fetchmail 'error' to go away by putting the following /etc/hosts: localhost Arduino

I have really no idea if this makes sense or not....

Or as a workaround as well you could try:    localhost    Arduino