EtherCard and SMTP

I bought some cheap-as ethernet modules, in the hope of having my project send me an email on certain events.
I've got a dedicated account at gmail for this sort of thing, which has all its external POP and SMTP allowances switched on.
I've spent a couple of days now trying out different libraries for this card, and had the most success with a library called "EtherCard". Theres some good examples included, and its allowed me to form a basic HTML web page, which works well, but theres nothing that describes how the module can send emails.

I've hunted all over for some help with this and all my google searches have led to dead ends.
Hopefully you guys have some suggestions before I bite the bullet and buy the genuine modules instead?

If the library for that Ethernet card does not support SSL or TLS, you can't use Gmail.

From what I can gather its this “wiznet” module that I need, seems it uses the standard ethernet library and can easily do email and other odds and ends. Cost saving didnt pay off this time :frowning:

The standard ethernet library can't do Gmail. Gmail requires SSL or TLS and the library does not support those protocols.