EtherCard.h - arduino as a Server receiving POST values

Hi, I want to have an arduino with ethernet module ENC28J60, working as an server, that receives data via POST params. ad send some data back. For couple of days I cannot find a solution (in ethercard.h), how process data containing POST values in request of a client on my server. Could anyone help, please?

Looking for server code in the IDE examples would be a start.

I got it (comments of last lines):

void setup () {
Serial.println(F("\n[RBBB Server]"));
// Change 'SS' to your Slave Select pin, if you arn't using the default pin
if (ether.begin(sizeof Ethernet::buffer, mymac, SS) == 0)
Serial.println(F("Failed to access Ethernet controller"));


void loop () {
word len = ether.packetReceive();
word pos = ether.packetLoop(len);

if (pos > 0){ // check if valid tcp data is received
char* data = (char *) Ethernet::buffer + pos; // this is how to read a request header
dataString = String(data); // then just convert it to string
}; // and with function .indexOf I can find a GET or POST value