Ethercard - send data from/to an Arduino and get data back


I'm sure this has been answered somewhere in this forum, but I can't find the answer anywhere.

I have 2 Nanos, both connected to an enc28j60, let's call them Nano1 and Nano2. The ethernet modules are connected to my home network.
I wish for Nano1 to send a variable to Nano2, Nano2 processes this variable and returns to Nano1 the result.
I'm using ethercard library.
I assume Nano1 will be a Webclient and Nano2 a WebServer. I am so confused at the moment, read so many different approaches, tried them and nothing works...

In the examples of your library you find the webclient and rbbb_server as examples for web server and client. Start by getting a first connection between the two Arduinos. If that works try to add information to the request and later on send a result back.

If the connection is strictly between the two Arduinos you may want to change to a simpler protocol. The chosen hardware is not entry level friendly.

Have you solved it?
I am using that in my home for more than year without problem.