Ethernet And Relays !

Hey i want to Restart A littel system with The adurino over the Internet and a Relay

Can you Help me

MFG T.B :wink:

Yes, put the Arduino away and get a Wemos D1 Mini or any other ESP8266 based device. Read the Wemos website how to set the Arduino IDE up for those devices, then look at the webserver example and literally any relais example for any Arduino.

If your "littel system" is a PC, it will not like being "restarted" with a relais, though.

BTW, you did see that there are foreign language subforums here, including a German one, which I would guess you could like?

Is my englich so bad.
its a Wlan Router
And yes i am German

thx for the answer


It is totally understandable, but notably not top notch. Combined with the fact that you give very little information, I thought you might be more comfortable in your native language.

Wifi routers are usually restarted by interrupting power, so that should be fine. Make sure you get a relay that can be operated with 3.3V, when you switch over to the D1 Mini. Most of the standard relay boards can (at least with an additional higher poer supply, but you might run into issues with some SSR boards.)