Ethernet Arduino to Arduino communication

Hi all

I am attempting to communicate between multiple Arduino Uno. I have W1500 ethernet shields and an ethernet switch. I first want to simply transmit from one arduino and have it received by the other.

I have had a couple of cracks at using existing examples, such as UDP Send Receive String, but I have never managed to be able to receive any messages, only transmit.

Has anyone had this going before? Or is it even possible?

I just want some tips on what direction to take to get some form of communication between the two. With this start, I feel I may be able to scale it up.

Thanks everyone!

Use the examples included with the Ethernet library to check if the connection to a PC from each Arduino is working. Only after you checked that the hardware is working correctly (many cheap Chinese W5100 modules are not seriously built and contain errors, so of them can be fixed, some can be worked around). Once you got both Arduinos working with the PC you can connect them directly. UDP is not a good starting point. TCP is easier to handle for the novice. Use UDP only if you know how to handle that protocol and if you know exactly what the difference to TCP is.