No conozco en profundidad el proyecto ARDUINO, pero si no voy mal encaminado existen tres tipos de conexiones: RS-232, USB y Bluetooth

Alguien sabe si esta previsto diseñar un modulo con conexión ethernet?

Soy un soñador o esto podría interesar a mas gente?

Os habéis planteado la cantidad de aplicaciones que tendría esto?



no quiero adelantar acontecimientos, pero estamos evaluando un modulo con ethernet. Massimo lo ha producido para una exposicion, ahora tenemos que estudiar si es viable hace el software compatible con los modulos que ya tenemos.

Danos algo de tiempo para mandar una respuesta.

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I'll reply in english

There are two ways of development at the moment:
Tom Igoe has designed a board using the XPort Ethernet Serial device. This is a device that uses an Ethernt-Serial device the size of an RJ45 plug. Advantages of this approach is the fact that XPort takes care of everything for you. Disadvantage is that it costs 45EUR and it's not so easy to find in europe.
We have designed an experimental board based on the ENC28J60 chip. Advantage: it costs only 4 EUR and uses only 4 pins from the processor (most of the solutions require many pins) disadvantage is the need to write a lot of code.

At the moment working on this board requires writing directly in C.

I have the feeling that in the future an XPort-like based solution is better for non expert users.

we keep experimenting :slight_smile:


hey I'm interested as well!
not knowing anything of the system and the required C hard do you think it is to pull out a reusable library from the "lot of C code" as you say it?

something vary basic as "ethernetWrite" and "ethernetRead"

I'm not a hardcore C coder (hardly a C coder at all :slight_smile: ) but I'm a lot into building libraries, expecially for this ethernet connectivity.
do you think that it is possible to see an example of the "lot of C code" or at least the structure of it to better understand how to use the ENC28J60 chip? :smiley:
I had a look at the datasheet and it does look a bit cumbersome but I think that from a coding point seeing an example can help in simplifying things...

let me know
I'm already in ether for ethernet arduino :wink:


siento el retraso en responder, estuve en una feria presentando la placa y me desconecte del foro por un par de dias.

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