Ethernet Class documentation error

Hi everyone, we are developing a project with arduino ethernet and we had problem using a fixed IP address instead of using DHCP. Looking at the reference at this link we noticed that the documentation is not updated because the Ethernet.begin command requires 5 input parameters (mac, ip, dns, gateway, subnet) and in the documents its indicated that it requires only 4 (mac, ip, gateway, subnet).

We suggest to update the documentation on the website.

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YES, PLEASE update the docs! I wasted several hours assuming I was doing something wrong only to find the manuals are all wrong.

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I spent much time with configuration problems, and after seeing the library here is that I saw that the five parameters are:

void EthernetClass::begin(uint8_t *mac, IPAddress local_ip, IPAddress dns_server, IPAddress gateway, IPAddress subnet) { W5100.init(); W5100.setMACAddress(mac); W5100.setIPAddress(local_ip._address); W5100.setGatewayIp(gateway._address); W5100.setSubnetMask(subnet._address); _dnsServerAddress = dns_server; }

so instead of being in the reference:

Ethernet.begin(mac); Ethernet.begin(mac, ip); Ethernet.begin(mac, ip, gateway); Ethernet.begin(mac, ip, gateway, subnet);

Should be:

Ethernet.begin(mac); Ethernet.begin(mac, ip); Ethernet.begin(mac, ip, dnsServer); Ethernet.begin(mac, ip, dnsServer, gateway); Ethernet.begin(mac, ip, dnsServer, gateway, subnet);

I think this new parameter "DNS server" should be in last place since you only need to enter when using the DNS service, so even that is not used must be entered when you make a manual configuration.

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Fábio Costa

Bump. The reference docs are incorrect. Who manages those?

edit: Never mind. I reported it as a bug to the Arduino code crew. Let's see what happens. :)

Fixed! That was quick! :)