Ethernet Client Getting Stuck On Connecting

Hello all,

I've been running my sketch for a couple hours the loops through a connection to a site every 30 secs and every once and a awhile it will get stuck on the connecting step,
if i reset it, it connects right way.
My question is, do you guys think it's the arduino or my web server denying access to it? my suspicion is that it's the arduino since if i reset it, it will connect right away.
Is the arduino capable of re-quering a page this often?

There are many webservers that accept only so much connections per time. NTP servers don't like it, pachube had/has some restrictions IIRC.

Can you tell us more about:

  • what site are you connecting to
  • your code

Also, what hardware are you using to connect? I have an Async labs wifi shield that exhibits similar behaviour. I suspect a bug in the library that drives it, but have not dug into the code yet to prove it.