Ethernet Client Send

I have a sketch that retrieves data from an nRF wireless module and then transfers it with a GET to a web server for insertion into a MySQL database.

I was getting issue with packet loss and finally troubleshoot it to the ethernet connect>send>disconnect. This appears to take around 295ms, with the nRF bits only taking 5ms extra, This limits me to 3 incoming packets without loss.

With payload header that gives me basically 72 bytes per second of reliable data transmission. That's poor by any standards.

I just wondered if ~300ms is about typical for doing a GET to a web page on the internet?

That depends. If the server is accessed by url, and the server is slow or busy, that would not be too bad. Have you tried it with a page that just responds with a small document (no database access).

I realised I was using DNS to lookup a hostname so switched to direct IP access, That shaved 50ms off the overall time.

Next thing is to try it with a local network server, instead of over the internet, and see how that fares.