Ethernet client shows connected() when it isn't

I'm trying to figure out why the following is occurring.

I have an ethernet client. It connects to a PC and sends a message just fine. Afterwards I do a client.stop(). It disconnects ok (shows disconnect on pc). But when I go back a second or two later to send another message I check first to see if its connected client.connected() returns non-zero and client.status() returns 1, which doesn't seem to be a defined value for status.

Has anybody run into this? Any idea what I should do?

Nevermind - I found the work by Bruce Luckcuck on this problem and incorporated his changes. Subsequently a compare of client.cpp files seems to show that the changes have been incorporated in the version supplied with Version 18.

As an aside here - it would sure be helpful if some sort of version/date information were included in the source files if only as comments at the bottom with a version number, date, and a couple of summary lines describing the changes madeā€¦

So your code works properly in Arduino 0018?

I did a file compare with v18 client and what I have now and it looks like V18 would work OK.

Actually what I had done (a few weeks ago) was use all the files in the Ethernet library from V16 but renamed and put into my sketch folder - because I was pretty sure I might modify one or more of them and wanted to leave the library version 'virgin'.

I did make a couple of mods to suit me - added constructors and a begin() method to client and server, an abort() function to client and a couple of other changes. But I ran into the problem described above with connected() and status() in client not working as expected. Then I checked the developer's mailing list and found Bruce's fixes. I added those and now everything seems good.

I'm not yet using V18. I'm in the middle of a project (for pay) and not going to change versions at this time.

I did, however, briefly play with V18 on a quick project and I have to say I think I like the UI on V16 better. I certainly prefer it's use of the applet subfolder as I've mentioned elsewhere. And I like the way it opens with the most recent sketch - something I can't seem to get V18 to do. I'm probably missing something there.

I usually use UltraEdit Studio as an editor/project manager and the Arduino IDE mostly as a painless way to compile & upload.

I am stuck with the same problem connected() always returns 1, and I did tried all the ways suggested here, can some one please send me the version thats working