Ethernet example - google ip fault

Regarding and all the client examples showing how to search google.

It seems like, that the address in the examples: is not available anymore - at least not in Denmark. There is no respons from the server - just timeout. (Yes, I tried it in a browser too :-) )

Since this is a hello world example, it would be great to add to the example, that the google address might not be available, and that it is best to do a nslookup on your computer, and put that address in the example. (Where I get )

I would love to do the change myself, but it seems like the wiki is closed..?

Best regards Christian Liljedahl

Yes, that caught me too and I was left wondering if the shield was working.

If you do a lookup on and use that IP address, the 301 page you get back tells you it has permanently moved to (!) but you do get something.

The example could also do with a note that many places use 192.168.x.x addresses rather than the 10.x.x.x and in any case you need to check what your local network / router is.

Actually, it might be better if both IP addresses were blank, with a comment to show the syntax and how to find out the ones appropriate to you. Otherwise, you're faced with code that compiles but doesn't do anything.

My other suggestion would be to add a few seconds of countdown over the serial link before starting the connection. There's a one second delay there, but that's not always enough to get the serial monitor up.