Ethernet fails with lighttpd server.

I've run the sample WebClient software on Apache and thttpd with excellent success, however when attempting to access a lighttpd daemon, it doesn't work. I brought up the daemon on two different systems and wget, perl curl, Firefox and Opera all like the page just fine. I did a tcpdump on both the lighttpd and thttpd ports. Unfortunately I don't know what I'm looking at.

Once in a great while, it will connect, but normally it just sits there until the connection times out. I get the "connected" message, but apparently no data is forthcoming.

Here's a zip file with the program and the two dumps, if anyone can help me.

Thanks, Jim.

Ran into something like this last year when I was doing a project for Meebo, might help:

Lighttpd seems to be extra picky about linefeeds. For the Xport stuff, at least, it would work on Apache and not on lighttpd. Might be the same for the Ethernet shield if you're using canned string print routines.

Thanks, I'll see if I can locate a similar issue.