Ethernet for Nano and Mega

I need to add Ethernet interface for a telemetry link between a Nano and a Mega.

I am looking at

... but I don't understand the string of abbreviations after "Arduino 51 AVR SPI PIC STM32 LPC"

Will this module work with bother the Nano and the Mega?

... but I don't understand the string of abbreviations after "Arduino 51 AVR SPI PIC STM32 LPC"

I think it's just waffle about the sundry microcontrollers that it can be used with and the first word is the only one that matters.

I submit you will be better off with the standard W5100 shield. It's about the same price, specifically made for Arduino, a lot easier to live with, and you get an SD card socket at no extra charge. It plugs straight into the Mega. I don't know if there is a mini module suitable for Nano.

They just like to throw a bunch of keywords on there in the hopes the product will show up in more search results. I think the "51" was maybe an obscure reference to W5100? AVR is the architecture of the Atmel ATmega or ATtiny microcontroller used on standard Arduino boards. SPI is the communication interface used by the ENC27J60. PIC is another popular microcontroller architecture. Ditto with STM32.

I second going with W5100 but I'd recommend getting a W5100 module rather than a shield. Since you're using a Nano the shield would be awkward to work with. It won't have the SD socket but you can always buy a separate SD module super cheap if that's something you need.

Thanks guys but I just bought the ENC28J60 modules just before the first response LOL!

I just bought the ENC28J60 modules

As one who has owned an ENC28J60 for several years, and who has tried but failed to find a sensible use for it, I suggest you do not let that fact deter you. Stick them in the bottom drawer, get some W5100s, and get on with the real job. This particularly now that I understand there is a module suited for the Nano.

I’d like to stay with the ENC28J60 because space at one end is extremely limited. If I can make it work, size is a major advantage.

If you really want to go small check out these W5500 modules: