ethernet & HTML

hello everybody, i am trying to communicate arduino with my pc through internet. i am setting arduino as server and connecting with a browser from my pc. i want to format the page which my browser will display with HTML and i am sending from arduino as string the code of HTML. i have problem because HTML also uses " " but this symbol is used by arduino so i cannot send it at the browser. if somebody knows please help me!!

because HTML also uses " " but this symbol is used by arduino

Is there something missing between the quotes? Or are you referring specifically to a space?

How about posting the line of HTML that you want the Arduino to send to the serial port?

Does this thread answer any questions?

i put the symbol " " for general. for an example i want to send for putting background color at the browser and i must send this from arduino ]:
< body bgcolor= “#d0d0d0” >
with arduino code i write:

client.print( " < body bgcolor= "#d0d0d0" >"

but this will not work.
i think that the hyperlink you send me is right but where is the logic in that? how does it work??

The back-slash character is a "break" code, and means that the following quote character is passed through as part of the string, and doesn't terminate the string.

so if i want to send this in the example i must write: " <body bgcolor=\" #d0d0d0 \"> "


ok i'll try it. thanks a lot!!!