Ethernet library for Ethernetshield2 / Wiznet W5500

I made an updated library for the ethernet shields with wiznet w5500,
called Ethernet3. You can find it on github:


Ethernet library for Arduino and Ethernetshield2 / WIZ550io / WIZ850io with Wiznet W5500 chip based on the Ethernet2 library of

added some new functionalities

you need to include

#include <Ethernet3.h> // instead Ethernet.h
#include <EthernetUdp3.h> // instead EthernetUDP.h for UDP functionality

- New init procedure !!!
the init of the Ethernetinterface changed, the ordner is now:
mac, ip, subnet, gateway, dns instead mac, ip, dns, gateway, subnet which is more logical

Ethernet.begin(mac, ip, subnet, gateway, dns);

- Multicast support
multicast for udp added

EthernetUdp udp
upd.beginMulticast(multicastIP, port);

- PHY support
added some function to read the PHYCFGR in Ethernet3

uint8_t phyState(); // returns the PHYCFGR
uint8_t link(); // returns the linkstate, 1 = linked, 0 = no link
const char* linkReport(); // returns the linkstate as a string
uint8_t speed(); // returns speed in MB/s
const char* speedReport(); // returns speed as a string
uint8_t duplex(); // returns duplex mode 0 = no link, 1 = Half Duplex, 2 = Full Duplex
const char* duplexReport(); // returns duplex mode as a string



- MAC address
added some function to read the MAC address in Ethernet3, this is helpfull when you use Wiznet boards like WIZ550io with build in MAC address

void macAddress(uint8_t mac[]); // get the MAC Address
const char* macAddressReport(); // returns the the MAC Address as a string


uint8_t mac[6]; // array for mac address

A new version (1.4) with many small features is published on GitHub - sstaub/Ethernet3: Ethernet library for Arduino and Ethernetshield2 / WIZ550io / WIZ850io / USR-ES1 with Wiznet W5500 chip

There is a new version 1.5 on Github with some new features like configurable PHY.
I have also published a NTP library