Ethernet MP3 Player

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I would like to build a small box being able to play MP3 from the network (Ethernet cable for the moment, Wifi maybe later) and output the sound to my amplifier. Being brand new to Arduino and electronics, I want to check my understanding of it before ordering the parts so thanks for your feedback.

From what I understood, I of course need an Ethernet shield and an MP3 shield. Using Ethernet.Client I would read the bytes of the MP3 stream and feed them to the MP3 shield most probably using a serial interface and Serial.write.

I have two possible choices in mind:

1) Aduino Uno + Ethernet shield + Sparkfun VS1053D MP3 2) Rogue Robotics rMP3 + Ethernet shield. Not sure at all about this but I kind of understood that the rMP3 had its own microcontroller...

So please can you please give me your feedback about this: - Am I right with my bytes read from Ethernet and fed to the MP3 shield using serial? - Of the two choices, which one is good one?

If it is feasible I would prefer to use the 1st design so I can also do other stuff with Arduino Uno in the learning stage...

Thanks! mynab

I'm not sure this is possible.

The serial connection can very fast become a bottleneck.

Arduino has very limited RAM for buffering your mp3 stream, so you would need to constantly read bytes from the ethernet shield and more or less at the same time send them to the mp3 player. This will not be easy to do without interupting either the reading from the ethernet shield or the sending to the mp3 player.

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