Ethernet sheild and stepper

I am clearly not smart enough for this arduin stuff but I am invested in it now. I am controlling my old stereo receiver with a stepper and an arduino. I have an ethernet sheild and can get that to work. I can make the stepper motor turn. What i need is a simple web server that I can point to my arduino and simply have Vol + and Vol - and turn my stepper each time i push the button. 28byj-48 stepper. came with a driver. can I get some help. I gave up on IR.

I don't have the answer but I suspect your title is not attracting the right people. As far as I can see you have solved your stepper problem and you want help with "Ethernet shield and Arduino web server"

If you modify your Original Post you can change the title.

Google will probably also help as there mare many Threads about web servers.