Ethernet Shield and CAN-BUS Shield stackable

Hi Community

I heard that the official EthernetShield can make some Problems if it have to share the SPI Bus with other Shields. I need an additional CAN-Bus interface and would like to give the CAN-BUS Shield of Sparkfun a try... Link: Sparkfun CAN-BUS Shield Is there anything about that or did i heard just rumours?

I tried to manage a EPOS2 Motor Controller over RS232, but it seems much easyer over CAN... Because of a missing driver written in C by Maxonmotor...

Does anybody know about Problems with the SPI-Interface and the official Ethernet Shield from Arduino? Especially when you have more than one Shield connected...

Hi to all,

I have the same problem, I think that SS pin on CAN shield must change from D10 to D9 for example. With changes in CAN lib, I do'nt know.

Does anybody know about it?